What is all the chatter about social media and engagement?
The days of bashing people over the head with a hard sales message are over. The internet has put megaphone marketing out to pasture and social media has made communication a two-way process. [Read more….]

Confident, curious and culturally aware
Children’s brains are wired to easily learn a number of languages simultaneously. The benefits include increased mental ability, more self-confidence, enhanced cultural awareness and better life chances [Read more….]

Value added
The biggest complaint I’ve heard from people over the years about eating out in restaurants relates to value. It’s happened to all of us: you go to a restaurant looking for a good eating experience¬†[Read more….]

Tread carefully at Kakadu
If you’re applying for a job, sometimes it’s good to avoid the tiresome business of a cover letter. Instead, a piece of fiction demonstrates your ability to ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’. It also gives the employer an idea of your flair, creativity and originality. [Read more…]